Pilates literally changed my life. It’s the sole reason I’m a runner!

My freshman year of high school, I jammed the facet joints in my lumbar spine. I couldn’t walk for two weeks. Chronic pain plagued me throughout the rest of my high school and collegiate sports careers (I was a four sport HS athlete and played NCAA Division II basketball). Even twice daily trips to the chiro for over a year didn’t fix the problem. I was convinced that there was nothing I could do to heal and feel ‘normal.’

After all, I was fit. I was an athlete. Maybe I just had to deal with the reality that my back couldn’t handle the pressure.

After college, I took up running. I love competition. I love the adrenaline of a good race. But I would run 3-4 miles and then walk around my house hunched over for a while before I could fully stand up due to tightness and pain. I would ice every night in hopes of alleviating the pain so I could sleep.

At this point, I wasn’t aware of how to properly use my body, hold my posture, or how to engage my inner strength.

Pilates gave me new perspective. I became intentional with how I moved my body. I learned how to stabilize my core to maintain good form and posture at the end of a hard race or long run. Pilates increased my efficiency of movement, in all aspects of life, not just running. It helped me get faster. It helped me build confidence. And most importantly, it solved my back pain!

My experience is the reason for my passion to share Pilates with others. Being a Pilates instructor is such a blessing for me, and its easy to be an advocate for the practice because the benefits of Pilates are a reality for me. I have been practicing and teaching Pilates for over eight years now and can honestly say, even with my running and weight training routines, I haven’t had any back pain. Classes are energizing, stress-reducing, and strengthening.

I created Pilates for Runners to help prevent some one else from going through similar pain, to help those currently suffering from injuries, and to help all runners reach their goals. After all, there’s no better feeling than successfully reaching your goals!

I hope enjoy your runs, and I hope you look forward to each and every step of your running journey.



STOTT Pilates Advanced Matwork and Intermediate Reformer

APFA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness Counselor

Cathy Savage Fitness Ambassador