Is Imbalance Causing YOU Pain?

Let’s face it: every human is imbalanced.

No one has a perfectly symmetrical body, some muscles are tighter than others, and some muscles are naturally stronger than others. For the normal person this may not be a big deal. But for the runner, small weaknesses and imbalances are sleeping volcanoes for injuries. The great demand that we as runners place on our bodies to perform the same repetitive, high-impact action for miles and miles only increases the likelihood of imbalance.  READ MORE


The Hundred

As a runner, you NEED the Hundred to increase core stabilization and awareness. The dynamic up and down movement of the arms during the Hundred mimics the dynamic motion of running, therefore creating a similar environment for the core to work. This enhances the core’s ability to stabilize the pelvis during running as the terrain changes, as you turn, and as you fatigue. Perform this exercise up to 3 times a week.  READ MORE


Stop Wasting Energy: Train Obliques

Training your obliques is essential to making your running gait the most efficient it can be.

Obviously the smaller muscles in any muscle group fatigue faster than the larger ones. In the abdominal region, the smaller muscles are the internal and external obliques. The larger muscle is the rectus abdominis. (The transverse abdominus is your internal stabilizer.) Focusing on the obliques allows these smaller muscles to maintain their relative strength and not become dominated by the larger rectus. This creates proper movement in the pelvis, a critical component of efficient gait cycles and running performance.

What does this mean for me? READ MORE


The Secret to Faster Running

The Secret to Faster Running is…

Longer Stride Length!

Joe Puleo and Dr. Patrick Milroy, authors of Running Anatomy, site stride length as “perhaps the factor with most effect on the speed of running. Although the fastest runners take no more than double the number of strides of the slowest over a given unit of time, their stride length may be up to four times greater.” (1)

So how do you get a longer stride? READ MORE



What I LOVE June 2013

Performance enhancers

Yay to anything that will help me PR!! And no I’m not talking about those kinds of performance enhancers, I’m talking about the technology based kind like ‘Adaptive Running’ created by Puma.
The Puma Mobium Elite shoe ($110.00 at is constructed with a figure eight-shaped elastic band on the outsole, a design inspired by the foot’s tendons. The bands expand and contract as you step. The more force applied the faster it springs back, allowing you to naturally move faster! Plus, it comes in range of cool, bright colors! What’s not to love!