Pilates Style Magazine November/December 2012

“NO EXCUSES: Get your Pilates on at home – in your cozy living room – with these new DVDs and a book to boot, perfect for sculpting and toning newbie and advanced bodies alike.

~ Heidi Dvorak

Pilates Style dec 12

Laura Tarbell’s Ultimate Abs and Core


EQUIPMENT: mat, foam roller, stability ball, one light weight

WHO: STOTT PIALTES-certified Laura Tarbell owns Tarbell Pilates in Hogansburg, NY, and the creator of Plyo-Pilates.

WHAT: Standard abdominal exercises, a killer stability ball segment with taxing rollover balances to help facilitate core connection, and a foam roller segment that challenges balance – all of which make for a well-rounded program.

TARGET: Speficially designed to challenge hard-to-reach abdominal muscles.

BUY THIS BECAUSE: Tarbell offers just the right recipe of simple, classic moves done well, combined with creative variations that will hold your interest.

SPECIAL FEATURES: For those who want to understand the hows and whys, Tarbell provides comprehensive explanations and demos on five key Pilates elements: breath, spine position, shoulder position, posture, and precision.”