Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pilates For Runners With Laura Tarbell Review

Do you love to run?  Do you love Pilates?  Then Pilates for Runners with Laura Tarbell is a fun new workout for you to try.  This is a 60 minute workout.  It is an intermediate level program that increases running efficiency by creating a stronger more flexible body by developing balance and by producing ideal body alignment.  These improvements allow energy to be used more efficiently, produce faster finishes, reduce injury and increase endurance.  In this DVD, Pilates expert Laura Tarbell guides you through sixty minutes of dynamic sequences that address imbalances in the runner’s body.  These running specific Pilates exercises will strengthen you diaphragm, develop stabilizing core muscles and perfect running posture and form.  The program also includes an introduction Pilates Principles description and mat work.

Laura Tarbell created Pilates for Runners to help prevent others from experiencing the obstacles and pains that she faced as an athlete with chronic pain.  Pilates changed her life and as such her passion is to share how Pilates can prevent injuries and help you achieve your goals.

Another DVD available from Laura Tarbell is the Ultimate Abs and Core DVD which takes core training to the next level for the intermediate and advanced Pilates student.  This is an intense innovative workout that challenges even the toughest of athletes.  It strenghtens the abs and core from every angle with unique, dynamic Pilates sequences.  Laura will lead you through seamlessly flowing exercises on the mat, the stability ball and the foam roller.  The program is designed to target the deep, hard to reach muscles of the abdominal region as it produces visible results after just a few sessions.  I can’t wait to get the Ultimate Abs and Core DVD and get started on it.

Pilates for Runners has taught me so much about my form and helped me get stronger in the core.  I am also able to balance more.  My strength and agility will certainly help me with my running.  I am so happy that I was able to review this DVD.  I really recommend it for everyone who wants to stay fit without injuries.