I’m lucky enough to have been quoted in www.Shape.com’s latest article on how to beat the summer heat. Check it out below! And click on the link to read 9 other tips for exercising this summer from 9 other fitness experts across the country.

“10 Must-Know Tips For Exercising In Hot Weather:
Do NOT Head Outside For A Summer Run Until You’ve Read This”


Reverse Your Training Order

Training for a triathlon? Switch up the order of activities based on when you’ll be warmest. For example, if you’re heading out later in the day, starting with a swim will help keep you cool during cycling and running. For morning sessions, start with running and biking so that you’ll end up in the water later, when it’s much hotter.

“Even if you aren’t hitting the triathlon circuit, this well-rounded routine gives you a great full-body blast,” says Laura Tarbell, a certified personal trainer and owner of Tarbell Pilates.

If you want to give this type of training a try, aim to run (or power walk) for 20 minutes, cycle for 30 minutes, and then swim for 5 to 10 minutes to wrap up your workout. “The variety in this routine sparks your metabolism, and you can stay in the water to cool off for as long as you like after a hot run and bike ride,” Tarbell says.”