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You run, you get tight, you stretch. If you have never tried Pilates as a runner now you can. Pilates expert, Laura Tarbell developed an intermediate program that helps increase running efficiency by adding balance, flexibility and a stronger body producing the ideal body alignment. These improvements can allow energy to be more efficiently, increase endurance, reduce injury and produce faster running results.

Easy to understand movements and excellent queuing you can do the segment you have time for, or the full 60 minute DVD including mat work. Each segment overlaps so you can do a longer or shorter version of each chapter.

The DVD has 5 segments:

  • Warm up – 10 minutes: Hip openers, Bridges, Bicycle crunches, planks, leg circles and Yoga inspired moves
  • Essential Ab/Core Work – 20 minutes: Bicycle crunches, roll down, plank reaches, straight leg hydrants, saw, and single leg balance
  • Running Form and Leg Work – 25 minutes: Arm running movements, single leg running leg lifts, single leg running jump ups, lunges
  • Intermediate Core Work and Stretching – 20 minutes: Side plank oblique crunches, upward plank, saw, single leg straight leg lifts
  • Balance and Cool Down – 10 minutes: Single leg balance, single leg lift, single leg side sweep, standing roll downs, pushups, down dog, breathing
Pilates for Runners
Pilates for Runners
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The Mat work is 60 minutes total and Pilates for Runners is only $15.00 not including SH & taxes available on her website

If you want to correct your imbalances in your runner’s body, these running specific exercises with strengthen the diaphragm, develop stabilizing core muscles, and put you in the perfect running posture and form.