What is WOW?

WOW class is a female only boot camp style class that incorporates functional (squats, pushups, etc.), partner (can you say wheel barrel races!) and animal style (bear crawls, frog jumps, etc.) exercises with sprints and circuit style training. WOW workout sessions are designed specifically to unleash physical and inner strength through these cardio and strength drills as well as exercises in cognitive structuring. We have weekly assignments in nutrition and mental health. If you ar ready to discover your inner WOW, reach your goals, and learn how to build your happiest life, please send me a message about joining to LauraTarbell@gmail.com.



WOW stands for Women of Worth. Therefore… sorry guys, women only.

The Women of the WOW community are strong, beautiful, and empowered both physically and mentally. Though workouts test physical capabilities, each woman’s strength has less to do with how fast she runs a mile, or how much she bench presses, and more to do with her determination to demand more of herself.



Saturday mornings

7:30 AM Level 2 Intermediate / Advanced

8:30 AM Level 1 Beginner



Heart to Heart Fitness

19 Eagle Drive

Akwesasne, NY 13655



“Thank you Laura for all you have taught me through this process, I have learned to love, believe and most importantly know I am beautiful! The sportsmanship award I received meant more than words because sharing Saturday mornings with all you beautiful women was the gift enough!!! Thank again Laura for saving my life!!!! I love WOW!”

“I just want to say Thank You to Laura for all you’ve done over the last 14 weeks. You made me realize I am a woman of worth and that I can achieve my goals. The fastest mile I’ve ever done was because of you. I must say you made me dig deep and find that “Champ” within me to succeed.”



Free to Heart to Heart Fitness members, $10 per class for non-members