The 2014 Sexy Summer WOW Challenge is a 60 day program designed to rid your body of toxins in order to help it process fat and ultimately run more efficiently. You will have more energy, clearer skin, less cravings, sleep better, and shed excess weight. Sounds wonderful, right?! It is!!

Once you enter, you will be added to a private Facebook page where you will receive cardio, weight, and functional workouts, a 30 day menu full of fresh, whole foods, a weekly group call or meeting with Laura and other participants for support and questions, motivation and support from other challengers through our Facebook page as well as access to Laura (your challenge coach!), and cash prizes for the top 3 transformations!

First Place $200

Second Place $150

Third Place $100


 Our start date is May 5, 2014!!!



Testimonials from our previous challenge:

“I am so thankful for you Laura and having some cool tools now to continue my journey on a healthier, more fit me. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and just feel excited to a part of something as big as WOW. I definitely feel better, more energy, more motivation to keep moving and have discovered some really tasty food. Clean eating does taste really good! Lol.”

“I’m so grateful for the whole WOW experience and to be part of this challenge. It has been a lifestyle change not only for me but for my family as well.”


Entry fee is $100. (You do not have to attend WOW classes to enter.)

Click the ‘Buy Now’ Button to pay your entry fee online. You may also pay at the front desk at Heart to Heart from Monday April 28 – Sunday, May 4.




Isagenix products are recommended for cleansing and convenience. To make planning and prep easy, I recommend 1 shake a day. For the easiest planning and prepping, I recommend 2 shakes a day.

Option 1: Healthy Lifestyle Pack, 1 shake a day

Click Here for more information and to purchase this pack

Option 2: Energy and Performance Pack, 2 shakes a day

Click Here for more information and to purchase this pack